DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus doesn't update

When using the ST app, I can see my light coming online, but DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus doesn’t change, which means that the webCoRE piston that I have checking the DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus suddenly doesn’t work. This used to work, but hasn’t been working for a couple of weeks now.

I haven’t changed the piston, and my other pistons work fine, so I’m positive it has something to do with DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus not updating. It should change to “online” when the light is turned on, and “offline” when it’s turned off, obviously.

I’ve tried repairing z-wave and rebooting the ST hub. Doesn’t matter if I DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus a Philips HUE light or and IKEA bulb.

Any suggestions what could be wrong?

Maybe I should mention, that I noticed this behaviour in
and then clicking the particular light, and scrolling down to the “Current States” part… DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus

Edit 2:
I just noticed in my piston that the last time DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus was updated, was the same date the hub was updated. Coincidence?