Devices we don't have

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

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I integrated an LFM-20 into my commercial espresso machine. It takes about 20 mins to heat up, so I have it come on before I wake up. If you wanted, you could use a dual relay to power on and then perform a shot / coffee operation on a superautomatic unit or a Keurig or some similar machine… Generally, just leaving the machine on and loaded with water and coffee and turning it on with an appliance switch of the 15 amp or better variety (my machine needed a 20 amp) should be “good enough”. I grind when I brew so that wasn’t a solution…

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Waterproof a tilt sensor and stick it to the top of the float?

There has been lot written on this subject but I have not seen an answer. I need a 3 way switch setup where the second switch is battery operated and not wired to the light. Th primary switch should be a piano switch which is wired. The second switch should be a piano switch which is not wired but is battery operated. The second switch will effectively operate the first switch to turn the light off or on.

Piano type switches are a popular decorator style in India, but are not used much elsewhere. I’m not aware of any Z wave switches on any frequency made in that style.

There are some zigbee switches made in China that are piano style switches. If you can find one that uses the zigbee home automation profile (usually abbreviated ZHA 1.2) without an additional encryption layer, then there is a good chance that it could be made to work with SmartThings. But it might require a custom device type.

I would be very careful what suppliers you buy from, however. Many Chinese manufacturers don’t really understand the protocol differences, and devices are sometimes mislabeled, particularly in translations.

I’ve always thought it was a very practical and elegant style, so it would be great if we could find some that did work. :sunglasses:

Honeywell lynx L7000. Would be nice to have ability to know alarm status. Be able to arm, disarm, see zone status of window and door sensors.

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I’d love to have some ZWave USB outlets. I have some ZWave outlets and I have some USB charging outlets, but I haven’t been able to find the combo. Anyone have any leads?

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Not much yet, and nothing with the USB port is controllable. It’s just a pass-through. This is the main option:

I do expect at some of the HomeKit devices in 2016 will offer that for that protocol, so that could then push out market demand for the feature in other protocols.

That’s interesting. I’d prefer to have an in-wall outlet though. That is a little bulky and would probably hinder access to the second plug.
Edit: I understand the USB would be pass-through. I don’t need to control anything with it - it would just be used for charging phones or powering my Chromecast Audio devices.

I’ll also add, I’d love to have a SmartThings compatible temperature probe. I like to have my water at a certain temp for coffee and tea. It would be cool to have the temp probe cut off the outlet once it hits a certain temperature. I wonder if I could hack the temperature sensor on a multisensor to attach a probe to it from a regular electronic meat thermometer.

I’m sure there’s pool equipment with temperature probes for water… I just don’t know sensitivity and costs. pool management is actually a whole demand area… I just don’t know sensitivity and costs. And separately, so is making coffee. :sunglasses:

Search the forums for coffee maker and you’ll find a lot of different projects.

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Battery operated LED lights.

I was thinking about this as a thought for under cabinet or accent lights when you don’t want to run power. I have found a number of battery operated options but none that are zwave capable.

Phillps hue haz one battery operated led light, i dont remember its name but i think it works with SmartThings

That’s the Hue Go. Accent light, not a strip. The biggest problem is it shuts itself off after 3 hours to conserve batteries and stops responding to network commands until recharged so it’s not really a good cabinet or closet light.

I assume you are talking about Hue GO. Pairs and works well with ST via Hue bridge. You may check meet hue Philips website as to how long it lasts on battery. I have it on power.

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Zwave controled Baseboard vents, any leads…

Thermostat for Carrier Infinity Heat Pumps. There’s something like a solution out there, but it’s a closed, proprietary, expensive mess. Like $2k to get it working expensive.

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Have you looked into the Ecobee 3 to see if it will work with that unit?

Curious what your current, I presume, Carrier t-stat is?

I have a Carrier - non heat pump system, and understood that that t-stat is compatbie with a heat pump.

There’s no model # on the thermostat. It just says “Carrier Infinity Systems.”

Looks like this.

Speaking of “looks like,” what’s the trick for inserting an image inline here?

Did some research on Amazon, and it looks an awful lot like we bought a very expensive, high end pig in a poke when we went with Carrier Infinity.

Mine’s about a generation older or 2 years :slight_smile:

It has no wi fi, but you can buy an adapter and program an sd card, then update the t-stat. I paid zilch to very little as the installer priced and missed a new t-stat - threw it in.

Only thing I do not like on it is fan control - 3 speed fan and no direct input to set speed/