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Got a link to these adapters, or do they have to come from an installer?

Has to be a Carrier Dealer, but some do sell via the web.

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I’ve been trying to find double & triple switches (not three states, but three separate switches). I know some people have been able to cram multiple switches into a gang box, but it seems like it’d be cheaper and more straightforward to replacing switches if these options were available.

You’ll need to clarify what you mean. Are you looking for a 1-gang device with three switches?

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Yes, that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

That would be a lot of wiring connected to a single switch, plus 3 relays and controlers in one box, very right fit. Might not even be to code to wire that much in a single gang box. Maybe just fill an empty/open box with a controler like a zwn-sc7.

Can’t see a house with wiring for 3 lights in a single box, there is no compadiable normal switch unit I could think of. Must not be understand your situation fully?

Do you mean you don’t see 3 gang switch boxes? My 1950’s home has a couple, friend has one in their house that has 8 gang, I know because I located a copper switchplate.

You just need deep or extra deep boxes to accommodate the wiring. On a conventional switch, just daisy chain all the line (hot) and grounds.

No, not at all, you agreed to the below:

Never seen a non-automated single gang device/switch/box powering 3 items (or 3 switches or some kind of switch to control 3 items in a single box).

This sounds quite diff than your request, daisy chaining 3 devices (below) to work simultaneous off one switch is not the same as 3 devices to one gang with 3 switches. Yes, you can do the below off a standard zwave automated switch, pending load requirements are not exceeded.

Guess I’m still not seeing your requirement, please send a sketch of the wiring…

Leviton makes nonnetworked mini rockers with 3 switches in a single gang box.

But they don’t make a Zwave version because you can’t fit 3 Zwave radios into that space.

You might be able to put 3 individual micro relays as one at each of the fixtures being controlled by those switches. Then you could use 3 momentary buttons in the single gang box.

But it just depends on the exact wiring.

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This was my thought + the dual relays to cut down on space depending on application.


I’m probably using the wrong lingo. The box is triple-wide. I have something like this:

The one in my bathroom for example controls the lights above the vanity, the light over the shower, and the fan. When converting to an automated system, I’d really like to be able to purchase one thing to put in there instead of having to buy three of these (

That is a 3 gang box - but I imagine you will need 3 devices.

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That’s a 3 gang box.

You buy 3 individual switches (networked or not), remove the heat sink tabs per the manufacturer’s instructions, and they should fit side by side.

The switches on the official “works with SmartThings” list should work for this.

They’re not sold as a set of 3, but 3 individual ones of the same brand should work. Then you just use a regular 3 gang faceplate.

For 120v systems there is a solution:

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Not so much a device, but can’t find a place to post this wishlist…

Need an integrated graphical addition to SHM (Smart Home Monitor) to monitor battery levels for all devices…

I have the piper nv, I love it! I just now purchased the STv2 and set it up late last night… I have several linear z-wave light bulbs that I really like… I tried to pair the light bulbs to my ST Hub to no avail. Could anyone tell me a good and affordable bulb that is easily paired to STv2? I set my hub up on the fly and the only thing I learned is I don’t yet have the knowledge to pair a device.

The Linear bulbs should work. Were the bulbs previously paired to the Piper? Z wave devices can only belong to one controller, so you have to “exclude it” to erase the old controller’s information before you’ll be able to include it to the new controller.

To the best of my knowledge, I removed it from the Piper network… If I could get it to pair with my ST hub I’ll be ecstatic as I have about 5 Linear bulbs. I have to plea ignorance though. How could I find out whether or not they can pair to ST?

  1. write to they should be able to help

  2. follow the instructions at the link I gave you in my previous post and do a general exclude first. Then try pairing to ST again. It can’t hurt anything and it might solve the problem.

  3. search the forums for existing topics on the exact model that you have and see what other community members have said about it.

Good luck! :sunglasses:

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Thank you for your help JD!

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