Devices randomly turning off

Ok it did delete the Automations. So guess thats a ‘sign’ of something. But my phone is still in the ide, even after delete multiple times. Still shows as ‘mobile presence’. I enabled and disabled location a couple of times. I did get an error upon disable of the location

11:00:53 AM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.util.LinkedHashMap.flatten() is applicable for argument types: () values:
Possible solutions: values(), clone(), values(), take(int), wait(), println()

But thats it. Ill renable location, and recreate those Automation. Crap wish I knew that tho lol. Think it was only 2…I think. I really just want the random turning off to stop dang it.

edit: interesting in SmartLighting and Automations I now have 2 iphones listed. Wonder if this is now a support question to delete both of them

Ok, deleted the SmartLighting rule and then deleted the iphone from the ide and it stuck this time. Phone disappeared from the device list. Then renabled it on the phone, and recreated everything.

Crap…it just did it. The rule wasnt active more than 10mins lol

Going to try the api stuff now.

When doing the API call i get. Played around with escaping the & cause on linux it tries to throw that into the background, edited to use the --url and put the whole url in double quotes " " and I get this.


And thats it. Same when I look at the List Events in the IDE. Guess Ill just wait and see if it happens again. This is suburbly frustrating. For it to work for 5 years and now to fail. I guess I can change to Automations but every time ive tried to do stuff where its to turn off the 58 lights/switches and change mode it fails.

Crap it just happened again right this second.

Welp still happening after all of this. And beyond that when I remade the Automations I didnt do the ‘gone for 5 mins’ so it does affect Automations as well. So I dont know, Im at a loss. Happened 3-4 times today. Thought maybe EM interference here in my office so didnt come in here all day thus phone being away from all these devices and that made no difference. So wtf is going on.

So now what 11-12 days later it seems to be ok. I tried everything that made sense. Remove phone from all Automations and SmartLighting, remove app, go into ide and delete app cause removing app didnt remove, reinstall, and readd my phone to the devices. It still did the thing acting like i had left my geo fence and say i left. I did the trick of moving my pin for the location, and save that, then move it back, save, and i even changed the diameter of the fence a bit bigger cause I keep it the smallest circle usually. That still seemed to cause issues as you see on my last post.

So last few days maybe 4 or 5 its been stable. I dont know what changed cause it still exhibited the issue after I did all those changes. Then, it stopped. Left the house today and once again it does the thing where it didnt arm away like it should. Open the app then it goes ‘oh hey you arent here’. Then an hour or so later drive home, app not been opened in an hour so it will have been shut down by iOS, it does detect my return home. This sorta thing has been common for months, think since the new app.

Really getting poor results with ST these days. The moment I decide to buy a zigbee+zwave usb stick is all its going to take at this point. Sad cause this has been pretty darn good for 5 years.