Devices not switching to edge drivers

I have a few devices that haven’t automatically switched to Edge drivers, Most others were switched a month or two ago. These unchanged devices use locally executing drivers. Will they switch automatically on December 15th when Groovy is deprecated? Or is the automatic driver upgrade done, and I better get ready to manually pair them like new?

So far it seems like a slow migration process. I wouldn’t worry about it until January.

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December 12

· Start migration of 3rd party DTH’s to a ST-owned lua driver if they fingerprint match, if not will move to the Thing driver

Dec 31st

· Shutdown custom Groovy DTHs

· Shutdown SmartApp execution

· Removal of SmartApps from catalog

· Graph IDE access will be limited to read-only


The majority of my devices (mostly Z-wave switches I would rather not exclude, reconfigure, and have reinstate to routines, scenes, and rules) have not yet migrated. Am I impatient? A little. Am I worried? No.


Thank you for the timeline. What happens to devices with local drivers that aren’t Edge or 3rd party and never get switched to Edge automatically. These drivers were directly compiled by ST to move load off their servers. I’m not even sure they are Groovy-based since they were made outside the normal workflow. If they don’t get switched to Edge drivers by Jan. 1st, but they are one of these special local drivers, do they still work? Or do they get switched to “Thing”?

I understand this is a small detail, but I don’t have access to this house and hub very often and want to anticipate what needs to be done, if possible.

Devices that were using the old “local” drivers are being migrated to Edge drivers. I’ve had several (zigbee outlet) that have migrated to (Edge) Zigbee Switch. My guess is these will migrate just fine. Be patient.

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