Devices - Lidl SILVERCREST® Plug - Zigbee Smart Home - It works with Smartthings Hub

Hi Guys

I recently purchased a Lidl outlet to see if it was compatible with Smartthings Hub. I knew lighting worked great, but I wasn’t sure about other types of devices.

They appear to be less expensive than other brands and slightly more attractive than Ikea’s.

However, the LQI and RSSI stats are not available. I’m curious if anyone knows if it is possible to make these values visible.

It was simple to install. It was automatically added to the Hub after I scanned for new devices. The integration appears to be working perfectly.

I’ll experiment with various gadgets and report back to you (thinking of the outdoor outlet).

Give it some time, the metrics are updated every so often 1, 2 hours or more, exactly now I don’t know how often, since with edge drivers they don’t show up.

there was one 6 months they were updated every 1 hour

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Thanks for the heads-up @Mariano_Colmenarejo