Device Type Update?

Is there any update on the availability of device type documentation? It’s hard to develop without documentation.

Specifically I’m wondering about tiles. What tiles exist? How do we use them? Is there a tile that can let you choose from a list of options instead of cycling through states? Is there a programmatic way for me to update tile features (color, icon, etc)?

Example: In my Nest device type, my main tile is the temperature. I would like to have the background color dependent on whether or not the system is heating cooling. In a perfect world, I would also like the tile to include an icon indicating the fan status.

/cc @dlieberman

I suspect a lot of this is coming, but just isn’t here yet. The Android app is still lagging behind the iOS app and they need to polish that up to get them equal before they go for some of the more advanced stuff.

There is at least one new device type that offers some of the functionality that you’re looking for: SmartSense Virtual Garage Sensor Button

If you set your multi-sensor up as this, it allows you to tap the tile. This tap can be grabbed and used for SmartApps. Unfortunately there is no documentation that I could find, but by looking through the logs I was able to find the capability and used it to write a little program so that when I tap this tile it turns on an outlet and then 4 seconds later turns it off. I’ve got a relay plugged into this outlet that is wired up to my door opener so that I can tap the tile to open or close my garage door.

Given that they’ve made this tile/device type, I’m encouraged to think they will be adding others.

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