Device type sendhubcmd

(Isriam) #1

how would i change this to sendhubcmd to send command via wifi instead of from ST cloud?

def sendCmd(apiCall)
httpGet(“http://${}:${settings.port}/${apiCall}”) {response ->
def content =
log.debug content

Change sendcmd to send via wifi
(Jason Mok) #2

@geko’s [radio thermostat][1] is a great example of calling http via LAN

(Isriam) #3

thanks, i looked into it and it looks great, however i’m not a developer, more like a hack it together kinda person. i realize there are a million ways to do it, but i’m not the type of person who can throw it together like most on this forum.

could i simply replace sendcmd with sendhubcmd and the device will send the apicall via hex ip/port? so then i’ll need to convert the ip and port to hex or use the devicetype to do that for me also?

(Isriam) #4

i’ve still had no luck converting this from ST Cloud -> LAN to ST Hub -> LAN.