%device% tag in the new ST app?

I’ve been away from smartthings for a while, and all my previous stuff was some on the classic app. The new app seems good with the exception of not having a native device showing presence.
Anyway my question is, when making Routines in the new app can I use %device% to tell me who arrived or left, or do I need a separate routine for each person?

You can create virtual presence sensors and sync them using Automations/Routines to view presence in the ST app.

The %device% does not work.

You can also view presence at https://my.smartthings.com

I use an Edge driver for a virtual presence sensor …

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The irritating thing is that the mobile presence devices still exist as they always have. It is just in the mobile apps that they are treated specially. If they finished the job with bespoke Members tiles and pages then fair enough, but there is no sign of that happening.

Unfortunately you do have to have individual Routines for each ‘member’ at the moment. Even in the underlying Rules you’d still be repeating yourself. Hopefully that will change in time though it isn’t really clear if Routines will be kept simple in a two tier approach.