Device support request: Linkind 1 key Remote Control

I’m a complete newbie to this. I bought this button hoping I could get it to work with my new SmartThings hub but I haven’t had any luck. Does the hub have to recognize it first for a device handler to work? Any guidance is appreciated.

It has to match ‘fingerprints’ in a device handler in order to be assigned that device handler. The more specific the fingerprinting, the more likely the correct device handler will be assigned. The device handler can be manually assigned if necessary.

However that presupposes that a device handler currently exists that will work with that device.

That in turn presupposes that it is possible to make the device work with SmartThings. Someone with a far greater understanding of Zigbee than me might be able to guess what it is doing and know if it is likely to be compatible.

I see there is an official integration for certain Linkind products and also a few mentions of other devices, so possibly someone has already posed the question.


so manually assigning NORTEK key fob in the IDE get me very close to functionality. Will update. Did you find a solution yet?

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