Frient Smart Zigbee Button

Has anyone managed to pair and use a Frient Smart Zigbee Button with their V3 ST hub?

When I paired out of the box is appeared as a ZWave Remote, Vesternet Support said I should use the ‘Zigbee Non-Holdable Button’ device handler for this and repair which I did.

Now the hub see’s this as being paired, the button seems to thinks its paired ok (it flashes green when pressed) but there are no events firing, automation is not working. Essentially everything looks as if it’s all working correctly, but it’s not working at all.

Vesternet Support say they cannot help me (and refuse to replicate the pairing of two products that they sell as compatible) they passed me over to Samsung as this is supposed to be an officially supported device. so far no response, so I thought I’d try here…

Anyone with a working Frient Smart button please can you let me know how you managed to get it to work? I’d be very grateful



Tagging @RBoy for help.

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The button should work out of the box when paired correctly with SmartThings. This button has a special device handler but it’s integrated into SmartThings. In your case the pairing wasn’t done properly, it didnt’ identify itself correctly (the manufacturer name and model number are missing) so SmartThings can’t identify it correctly and consequently the device handler won’t be able to identify it either. Reset the device and pair it again. If the manufacturer and model don’t show up in the IDE then your device is either not a Frient button or is defective

Thanks for the information. I must have tried resetting and re poring the device ~20 times now, with no joy. I got this from Vesternet and unless they’ve got some really good counterfeits this must be defective. I’ve requested a full refund from Vesternet. Sadly this was the only water resistant button I could find….

Any advice on creating a button that can be used outside would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @davidhornsby7 I was looking at buying these Frient buttons myself and wanted to ask if you managed to get them working? Thanks.

Hey, I ended up sending it back I couldn’t get it to work.

I got the Ikea Tradfi buttons in the end, they are much cheaper, IP44 rated and worked great.


Hi, i found myself in same situation with this frient button… Seems that it’s defective…
Pairs nicely, no firmware update or anything available for it… no status, no nothing…

I sent mine back in the end, now I use IKEA Tradfi buttons. They are much cheaper and reliable.