Device Offline Notifications

Offline Notifications - Besides using Webcore or physically looking through all of my 150 devices on the ST App, is there any way to get notification that a device is offline Automatically?


There is a tool in the Labs section of the app which checks for offline devices but in my experience it does not work

I have some Ikea motion sensors, occasionally one drops its connection, the diagnostic tool fails to find it and simply shows my Tv … which is off because it should be

Try the offline tool and see if it works for you, you might have more luck than me

My Ikea motion sensors fall offline all the time with stock Edge drivers, as do Sonoff contact sensors. They aren’t, they just aren’t being monitored appropriately. The offline tool doesn’t spot them. If I wanted to be fair, the tool only claims to work with certain compatible devices. However as there doesn’t seem to be any obvious information on what those devices are, the option to be fair is rather being denied.

Maybe the offline diagnostic tool is for Samsung appliances only Graham !!

Similar to the fantastic energy monitor app… head scratchingly short sighted and useless

The app reports all devices are connected normally. Nope

I still can’t install the Chameleon ‘device’. It is actually by far the biggest fail I’ve encountered with ST.

Apart from this version of the ST app !!

Offline Diagnostics has gone live on the Menu page in Android It says it doesn’t support devices connected to hubs or third party services. So I guess the Samsung Appliances suggestion can’t be that far off as that doesn’t leave much else.

OK, I take it back. It works for hubs, even if it keeps banging on about WiFi despite my having a V2 hub. I can’t comment on how useful it is as I am already well aware that the hub isn’t plugged in.