Device not reporting in for a set amount of time

I changed Thermostat devices the temperature devices and it has been reporting great. Dont have any that have frozen yet so I cant comment on notifications.

I have a hunch that the issue was if the app was called multiple times at once. I’ve added a bit of code to ensure that only one check can run at once. I’ve committed the changes but I’m going to let it run for 24 hours before I say it’s fixed for sure.

Also to your question about Devices Delayed vs. Not reporting.

STs only keeps 7 days of logs on a device. So Devices Delayed are devices that have gone over your threshold in reporting. Devices not reporting are ones that haven’t had an update in the last 7 days.

i have to say my luck is odd. I was dropping sensor several times a day. installed your app and not a one has quit on me since go figure…

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This is great I love that I can see how long it has been since the devices have last updated.

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@craig this is just what I was looking for! Thanks for taking the time to build this out I just realized there was a new version that had the push notifications.

It looks like it’s going much better. There’s still a weird situation where it notifies twice, havent’ had time to track it down but at least now it’s not notifying you every 5 minutes :wink:

@craig I’ve installed the latest code from here:

However when I set the inactivity time to notify to 1 hour, devices that are > 1 hour still show on the “Devices Reporting (hrs old)” section and arent added to the “badlist.”

Here is a log from a fresh install I just did with 1 hour being set to notify:
2e67e954-1ed8-48ee-a160-47872348283d 10:52:55 AM: info Contact State: '0.06: Bathroom Multi Sensor
0.04: Bedroom Multi Sensor
0.11: Entry Top of Stairs
0.1: Guest Bedroom Motion
0.19: Living Room Sensor
3.17: Basement Outside Door
2.77: Front Door Sensor

2e67e954-1ed8-48ee-a160-47872348283d 10:52:53 AM: trace subscribing to Devices
2e67e954-1ed8-48ee-a160-47872348283d 10:52:52 AM: trace subscribing to Devices
2e67e954-1ed8-48ee-a160-47872348283d 10:52:52 AM: trace Launching Quick Device Check

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I am not sure if I’m inadvertently breaking something, but I changed the notification IF statement from:
if ((badlist || errorlist) && sendNotification == “Yes”)

if ((badlist || errorlist || delaylist) && sendNotification == “Yes”)

Because the delaylist is the one that I’m looking to be notified. Thank you again for putting this together.

@craig Good work on the app. A couple suggestions:

Could you change namespace to:

namespace: "lyons189",

In the SmartApp definition so that it works with the SmartThings Github integration?

Also, change the send method so that if you put a phone number in you don’t get a push notification.

def send(text) {
    if (phoneNumber == null) {
    else {
       sendSms(phoneNumber, text) 
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I’ve had something on my “badlist” for awhile so I may have just not noticed the bug. I’ll update and fix. Thanks!

No problem on the namespace (although it might be a few days)

I like notifications and texts personally so I’ll add another boolean for notifications separate from the texts.

Hey @craig, not trying to step on anyone’s toes, but I created a SmartApp that has some extra features and functionality. You guys can give it a shot if you would like.

@erocm1231 yours is missing one real nice feature that @craig has. A time stamp of last activity from the sensor

@keltymd It is there. Well, not a time stamp, but how many hours have elapsed since the last event. Where are you not seeing it? The picture below is showing that the devices last reported 3.49 & 2.39 hours ago.

Also in the app itself:

This is my config and what I get. Craigs is nice because it shows how many minutes since last report. For things like temp sensor or thermostat minutes are more important than hours IMHO

Try hitting refresh or wait a few minutes for devices to start reporting.

Yes, well it does show minutes as a fraction of hours. I just do the conversion in my head.

there they came sorry false alarm

Another feature that would be useful (at least for me) would a second configurable duration of time where if no events are posted from any device, they system is presumed to be offline and a “system down” message can be sent out. I understand that through the app the hub already does this, but I’m looking for a way to accomplish that notification with SMS outside of having to look at the app. If there is an alternative way to determine the hub is offline (through the Hub Inactive event that is reported) I would be all for it:

Also, events that SmartThings sensors report that are not a change in value from the previous report (the temp is the same as the last temp event) are not picked up by this app and the device appears inactive. More info about those events here: