Capability Stale Status Detected / Reported /?

Continuing the discussion from Device not reporting in for a set amount of time:

Need to flesh this out … I’ll edit this post with more info, but:

I’d like to see this as a new Capability similar to Capability Battery.

i.e., devices with Capability Battery are able to self-analyze and report good or low battery levels (just not dead battery)

… But the DTH is not limited by the physical device, so Capability staleStatusReport or Capability staleStatusDection or similar, would put the first level of responsibility into the DTH.

Then a SmartApp of any sort could subscribe to the staleStatus Attribute and use it to trigger an Action like a push notification or set a SmartTile color, etc…

It would be great to have a display of all the devices and their last status time and last known battery level. E.g., the combination of Device Monitor (from the above thread) and Battery Monitor from Battery issues

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An individual Capability needs a pretty precise scope. However, a Device Type Handler can have any number of Capabilities, so this one would coexist with Battery, Alert and others appropriate for the device.

The multi-Attribtute Tile in SmartThings App will hopefully be expanded… And SmartTiles may also offer multiple attributes on Tiles too.