Device Handler's Unpublished

No idea why things are so hard for me. Just went through the hellish procedure of adding Nest Manager through GitHub integration to install Nest Manager. I thought computing was progressing, not going back to 1981.

Anyway, I feel like I’m close but now all of the new device handlers are showing unpublished. I cannot not for the life of me figure out how to publish them.

Please help me before I rip my GD nest out of the wall and spend $249 on an Ecobee3.


Open each one, as if to edit it (click on their name). Next to the Save button, find the Publish button. Click it and then click For me.

Thanks very much ADY. I am glad it was straightforward, if not obvious. I clicked on many things on that page, just not the name.

Since you are so helpful, can you tell me why I have two copies of each nest-manager one version black and the other blue. I feel I need to combine them somehow, but it’s not obvious to me.


Looks like you created them twice? Maybe delete them and start over, fresh. Not sure which version you should keep.

This might be your issue