Device Handler for Honeywell T6R

Hi all
Had to reinstall my location after having a problem with my hub and therefore had to add all devices back in. Got everything setup correctly apart from my T6R. ST reports temp but does not allow control. Also reporting in Fahrenheit by default rather than Celsius.

Not sure which DH I was running last time and despite scouring the internet I can’t seem to find one that gives me the ability to control the temperature which means my automations aren’t setting temperatures.
Has anyone got the device handler that allows ST to control heat temp as well as mode?

Many Thanks!

That’s a known issue with heating only thermostats. ST released a plugin update a few weeks ago which broke the setpoint controls for all heating only thermostats. There’s an open with support but feel free to report it to them so they can prioritize fixing it.

That’s rather annoying. Ok thank you will log it with them

It was a fixed a few days ago. You may need to log out of your ST mobile app and login again.