Device Handler for GE Dimmer Switches with Settings for All Options

Another screenshot after I tap “Save”… it captured a null value.

(Note: the funny abbreviations are to keep Alexa’s grubby mitts away from those devices! LOL)

Looking for some help. Migrated to the new Smartthings app, and now I can’t see the double tap up/down (button 1/2). I tried updating to .18 (as well as switching back to generic handler then back to Nuttytree DTH) and still can’t use the Button 1/2.

In the IDE dashboard I can see " * numberOfButtons: 2" but in the new app, I just see “Button: Standby” with no way to interact/utilize it. Any thoughts?

I created new handlers for these dimmer and on/off GE switches that allow use of both buttons in the new app. Here’s a link to the post with additional info on how to get them. [BETA] GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Switch With Double-Tap

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Thanks! Finally got around to removing Nuttytree and using your new DTH. The device settings in the new app now show the extra parameters (dim steps, etc.) but the device page still only shows 1 button. How can I utilize both buttons?

You currently have to use Smartlighting automation or WebCoRE for aux buttons. SmartThings has not exposed the custom automation actions for that in the automation creator yet.

As to seeing them in the UI while its technically possible to make custom buttons in custom UI now. The tech is very new and has just been released in beta form to developers who are, lets just say, finding all the opportunities for improvement :wink:

It’ll probably be a number of weeks before the custom UI presentation stuff is stable enough to update the UI for this and many other devices.


Ah okay, I think I get it now. It’s a moot point I can’t see them in the UI since they still can’t be used. I’ll just have to convince the wife it’s not my fault that she can only double tap everything on, not off :slight_smile:

Just want to clarify that although you can’t use both buttons under the “automations” screen in the new app until there is an update, you can get access to both buttons today, in the new smarthings app, using the “smartlighting smartapp”, using the updated DTH’s here (pick appropriate model for your switch) or import into the IDE from mwav3 smartthingscode master. . See screenshots below.


So helpful thanks! I don’t know if it was from my old automations coming over from the classic app, or I just completely missed the button number field, but I swear it wasn’t there before! Deleted the old automations/scenes, started from scratch in the smart Lighting like you said and bingo, can use both buttons now!

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