Device handler for Fibaro heat controller

Just bought a Fibaro heat controller but can’t find any devicehandler to use with it, anyone has experience in using this device togheter with smartthings?

Unfortunately, it is battery operated, so the tweaker won’t work with it in normal mode. It only works with mains – powered devices. But you can try putting it on its charging cord and see if it will respond to the tweaker then. If it doesn’t, it will require custom code to set the parameters.

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty straightforward. Basically you will copy the author’s code and paste it into your own account. Here’s the FAQ for that (this is a clickable link):

Device Type Handler

As for device type handlers to try, it self identifies as a generic thermostat, so start by trying one of the Z wave thermostat DTHs and see if that works just to turn the heat on and off.

The problem is that any of the setpoint logic is likely to require custom code, there’s no standard way of doing that so each manufacturer is a little different.

Here’s the manual if anyone wants to look at it. It has the Z wave command sets used as well as the parameter settings you can choose from. :sunglasses:


It seems you can use Tweaker with it. For instance, I get this info when using Print General:

General Information:
Device Name: Z-Wave Device Multichannel
Raw Description: zw:Fs type:0806 mfr:010F prod:1301 model:1000 ver:4.00 zwv:4.61 lib:03 cc:5E,98,9F,55,56,6C,22 sec:86,8E,31,40,43,53,59,5A,7A,60,71,72,75,80,70,81,73,85 role:07 ff:9200 ui:9200 ep:[‘0806 5E,98,9F,22,6C’, ‘2101 5E,98,9F,22,6C’]
Security: Device is paired securely.
=> Command classes supported with security encapsulation: UNKNOWN (0xNULL)
=> Command classes supported for CONTROL with security encapsulation: UNKNOWN (0xNULL)
Manufacturer ID: 010F
Manufacturer Name: null
Product Type ID: 1301
Product ID: 1000
Firmware Metadata: Firmware ID: null, Checksum: null
Application (Firmware) Version: 4.00
Z-Wave Protocol Version: 4.61
Z-Wave Library Type: 03 (Enhanced Slave)
Powerlevel: NormalPower
Protection Mode: [ Local: null (null), RF: null (null) ]
Switch_All Mode: null (null)

Has anyone started or tried making a device handler for it yet?

I am completely new to Smartthings, so I don’t know how difficult or easy it would be.

I’m also new to SmartThings and I bought this heat controller.

Since there is no way how to handle this device and I actually am a software developer, so what the heck, I’ll try to build it. I’m currently in phase of study SmartThings API, but I’ll let everyone know, when I have at least something.


Hi Toka,

Any progress yet? Also bought these but nothing seems to work with them in ST.

No progress yet, I started yesterday :slight_smile:

I’m afarid that it might take a time to develop it. Obviously I do not have much time for that and secondly from quick research I’m worried that the main functions won’t work. For example Heat Controller uses THERMOSTAT_MODE V3 API, but SmartThings supports only V2. I do not know if it’s compatible.

I don’t own external temperature sensor yet, so my focus is developing first endpoint, which is essentially radiator valve.

I’ve managed to modify the devicehandler from:

I can now control the temperature on my fibaro heat controller manually.
I have also setup two routines in the smartthings app, day and night mode, so automatically have different temperetures set during the night and day.

It’s no where a ready device handler for this device, but it’s a good start and I havn’t got time to improve it.

Device Handler for Fibaro Heat Controller


Are you sure you have the same Heat Controller as I do? Unfortunately nothing works with your DTH.

As you can see, there are Celsius units, this device is marketed in Europe mostly.

Anyway slight progress on my DTH, I am able to check battery levels.

Ok, first release is finished. My device is already up and running.

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