Device handler for Envilar ZG102-BOX-UNIDIM?

Is there anyone who can help me getting av device handler for Envilar ZG102-BOX-UNIDIM for my Smartthings hub?

I vaguely remember that’s a sunricher clone, although I don’t know if it’s a knock off or a rebrand.

Anyway, it’s Zigbee 3.0.

It should work out of the box for basic Dimming, i’m not sure what DTH would give you color temperature control.

There’s an MQTT integration that somebody could use for reference.

And here’s a retailer site. It’s supposed to work with the hue bridge, so again, you should be able to get basic functionality with one of the existing DTHs.

Tagging @johnconstantelo just in case he knows anything about these.

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Hi @Stein,

I couldn’t find color control capabilities, just basic on/off and dimming. That device should be able to use the device Type “ZigBee Dimmer”.

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the basic Dimming Works!


Thanks, color control is not an issue for this use.

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