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I´ve lost my developer access in IDE. When I hit add developer access again I get “Developer access granted” but none of the developer options are available

(Clayton) #2

Same thing happening here.

(Paolo G ) #3

I’m in your same situation. I was trying to use the IDE for the first time.
Did you contact ST support?


I have contacted ST support, they say I have developer access and should see the developer tools, but I dont.

They gave me this link to try:
But this only gives me: “Sorry, you’re not authorized to view this page”

I can access with this link:
But it does not give me developer tools

(Marco) #5

the same happens to me


Please contact support and see if we can put some pressure to resolve this issue


same issue here

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(Mark slack) #8

Having the same problem for the last two days. Why is it not showing up in the status report?


I have the same issue. I have two tickets over the last 4 days to try to get it fixed. Seems like a bigger issue if they think it is fixed and it obviously really isn’t.

the MyApps folder on my iOS device also no longer shows up in MarketPlace>SmartApps

You realize how important it is to have access to that when it’s taken away.

(Gary Luton) #10

Same issue here…


My issues were resolved by support. SO, definitely submit a support ticket by contacting them.


Issue resolved by support

(Gary Luton) #13


(Marco) #14

Issue resolved by support.