Develop hub-connected device


I want to use nrf52840 as a zigbee HA device which connects to the smartthings hub.
The nrf has a RGB-led, very similar as in the light control example from Nordic)

There is lots of documentation available. However I do not see the concept, the big picture.
A Device handler, device, product, … and then there is still the firmware of the nrf.

I found this:

It was helpful, however I’m not succeeding to discover my nrf52840 device via zigbee in the ST - app.

Any help is very welcome.

Which model of the SmartThings hub do you have?

Also, how did you configure your board? If you configure it as a coordinator, you won’t be able to add it successfully as the smartthings hub is already the coordinator for the Zigbee network for your account.

So in the example you linked to, you would need to configure it as either a switch or a bulb.

Also, in a smartthings context your device will be a “hub connected device”. Not just a “connected device.” And smartthings is in the middle of a transition from the old platform to the new platform, so actually there’s very little documentation on hub connected devices at this time.

Hub connected devices are still being implemented using the legacy services which are perhaps best described here:

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The light_bulb example is indeed what I used.
And I updated the zigbee channel to 19, as I saw that my Smartthingshub is using that channel.
I had to update also the address in the ‘.ld’ file as the original program did not start up at all.

It is somehow what I did, but I have the feeling this guide for for wifi connected devices (without the smartthings hub/zigbee in between).

Nevertheless, I’ll have a deeper look at it later this week.