The routine settings let you specify a % value for it to be open/closed so for example you could set it to 40% open to block the sun out but not black out the room.

As to why it sends a string instead of an int I have no idea :wink:

I’ve long since found automations in routines unreliable. I still launch routines but use webCoRE instead to actually carry out the actions hence not noticing this.

Also it looks like I’ll need to reverse the percentage to match the routines. Looks like you chose the right route.
I also don’t like the colours as I think they’re wrong. They should match a contact sensor, orange for open and blue for closed. For some silly reason they’re the wrong way around by default.

Thanks for looking into this chaps, really appreciated.

To reverse it I thought about doing a function but as it’s only used in two places in the DH thought it was easier to just use 100-(value) on both occasions…

Routines work on BEN LEE’s DH, just tested.

In general i’ve not have any issues with routines, they work quite well for me.

Certainly fewer changes needed than what i did. LOL I’m going to reverse mine too now so that it works better with routines.

Just tried this handler, works pretty well. Thanks for sharing. Does the included Fyrtur button work with Smartthings, as a generic button? Just wondering if anyone has tried, since I understand the blinds cannot be paired to both the Smartthings hub and the included button, both at the same time.

The repeater pairs but the button unfortunately does not. I cannot even see a handshake of any sort in the hub logs when i try. No idea why it doesn’t work as I’ve seen chatter on the hubitat forum that it simply pairs on that system without any issue.

Oh okay, that’s a shame. If the repeater pairs, does that mean it works properly as a Zigbee repeater in the Smartthings network?

Yes, that right. Very neat little repeaters that can also operate as USB chargers or power echo devices.

I can confirm @a4refillpad DH works like a dream, battery level is the only think that would be nice to have, pairing to the hub was pretty easy as setting the drop level using the blind. Thanks @a4refillpad!

Automation via webCore doing the job.

Just to summarise, the remote that comes with the blind cannot be paired, is that the case, I tried but no luck.

Has anyone found any suitable remotes, I could use a button, but that would be pretty fiddly.

Hopefully the USA launch date stays on target for October so we can check them out in the store. Wondering if I can repurpose my existing Aeon Labs Minimote as remotes for the FYRTYUR blinds since the button that comes with blind can’t be paired per reports so far. Yes, a battery level would be nice bonus to compliment the webCore automation.

Chaps, I managed to pair the remote, some combination of pressing for 20 sec, then pressing the pairing button 3 times quickly, but I cannot find any standard DTH that will give me anything useful.

Data * application: 22

  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: KE
  • model: TRADFRI open/close remote
  • zigbeeNodeType: SLEEPY_END_DEVICE
    Raw Description 01 0104 0203 01 07 0000 0001 0003 0009 0020 1000 FC7C 07 0003 0004 0006 0008 0019 0102 1000

Firmware * Current Version: 0x22008631

  • Target Version: 0x22008631
  • Last Updated: N/A
  • Last Checked: 2019-09-10 8:47 PM BST
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Great, that’s a start. If you can reproduce the steps to get it to pair that would be great. Shouldn’t be too hard to create a handler for it once paired.

I’ve managed to get the remote to pair with smartthings pretty consistently by doing the following:

  • start by putting your smartthings hub in pairing mode
  • Get your Fyrtur remote within a few metres of your hub
  • Then, on the remote itself:
  • press the pair button 4 times quickly - the red led in the remote should flash 4 times back at you
  • press and hold the pair button for about 20 seconds - 30 is definitely too long - during this phase no lights come on the remote - I find counting to 20 in my head is fine
  • release the button and then press it quickly 3 times.
  • The red led should start pulsing on the remote. Then after a while it should stop for a few seconds and then flash one final time.
  • The final flash after the pause seems to signify that it has paired. Look in smartthings and you should see that it’s paired as a ‘thing’.

Now, can someone clever write a DH?


Is battery level a possible feature extension for this DH?

It seem other platforms can do it…

I’ve just worked out how to get battery out of it anyway. Handler updated.


I can see two different values come out of the button when clicking it but for some reason it doesn’t seem to consistently spawn any incoming messages most of the time. No idea why. So currently it appears to be useless to me unless we can somehow get the device to send a message every time it is clicked.


Looks like the Ikea rollerblinds are part of the Works With Smartthings program