[DEPRECATED] Fibaro Motion Detector v3.2 (Alpha Release)

Thanks for getting back,

At moment it just shows motion active all the time

Sensor has not reported temp for 7 hours, its been reporting lux and motion ok though…any ideas how to rectify?

Just looking at parameters in above code block

eg Parameter no. 40 has (0,200) listed, what is the ‘0’ for as default value is 200

I do. it will be the configuration not being complete .i.e its not joined all the association groups that are needed. sorry but im heading off out so dont have time to document now. will follow up tomorrow with some instructions…uynless of course someone else wants to chime in with some help.

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Parameter 40 is 'Illumination report threshold. 200 is the default setting. i.e. 200 lux. Quote. The parameter determines the change in light intensity level resulting in illumination report being sent to the main controller. Available settings:0-65535. 0=repoerts not sent.

If you look at the second page of the PDF manual all the parameters are listed with explainations…http://www.fibaro.com/manuals/en/Motion-Sensor/Motion-Sensor_EN_5.3.14.pdf

I’m not finding any significant change in the number of lux reports if I lower that parameter. Maybe it’s me misunderstanding it but I would expect more responsive behaviour to light changes… This hasn’t been the case.

yes ive printed off the full manual

but the code in ide is

cmds << zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(configurationValue: [0,200], parameterNumber: 40, size: 2).format()

why does the value have a [0,200] instead of [200]??

Parameter 60 - Temparature Report Threshold. "The parameter determines the change in level of temparature resulting in temp report being sent to the main controller. Available settings: 0-255 (0.1 - 25.5C; 0= reports are not sent) Default setting: 10 (1C)
So, what value have you got for param 60?

and it shows

cmds << zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(configurationValue: [0,0], parameterNumber: 60, size: 2).format()

for parameter 60

I have mine set to 100 and it seems to report OK to lux changes of 1.

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I would think it should be 0,10 to give the default value.

yes thats what i thought, but i’ve not touched the code and it showed what i quoted above

To be honest this app doesn’t work too well with my Fibaro Motion Sensor. Perhaps I’m at the wrong firmware level.
I am using this device handler:-

  • Device Type Definition File
  • Device Type: Fibaro Motion Sensor
  • File Name: FibarMotionSensor.groovy
  • Initial Release: 2015-06-23
  • Author: Cyril Peponnet

I find this works well for me and it is easy to change the settings when the device is loaded and working.

not sure whats going on with mine as it seems to work ok for a while (30 mins or so) then it just gets ‘stuck’ showing motion continuously.

Yup. Mine shows motion continuosly and vibration continuosly with this device handler.

I your using Cyril’s device type and it works it’s definitely the wrong version of firmware you have. This is only for the very latest models

Thanks for the reply Stuart. Do you know if there is somewhere I can see the firmware level of the sensor. I’ve had a poke about in the IDE but cannot seem to find it.

It was on the box or came in

Unfortunately thats long gone. :frowning: