[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

You Can limit the amount to once every 30 minutes. This will eliviate the stress on the battery.

You can use a community app called Pollster by @rayzurbock . It pings the device at your predetermined intervals and updates its states.

Pollster Version 1.5 is released. Keep on polling… :slightly_smiling:
Version 1.5.0. Released 2/8/2016

Added polling via REST API endpoint. You can now use IFTT Maker channel to do your polling or if you’re running a Linux box locally, you can add curl command to your cron job.

You have to enable OAuth in the IDE to use this feature.
The access point URL can be found in the Installed SmartApp properties in the IDE.
Polling via REST endpoint also tickles the watchdog to restart scheduled polling tasks, if necessary.
Please visit https://github.com/statusbits/smartthings/60

P.S. Pollster works like a champ with IFTTT recipe triggered by “Date and Time” channel. That channel allows you to set up a 1-hour schedule, running at either 0, 15, 30 or 45 minutes past the hour. So you can set up four recipes to achieve 15-minute polling schedule.

Thanks. I am actually using Pollster every 5 minutes. I see it in the Activity log, it’s working. What I did notice in the the actual Blink app is the “Last Updated” timestamp is NOT being refreshed every 5 minutes. Is this by design?

I would re command to defer to @greg or @rayzurbock with questions on this app. As they are very knowledgeable about its workings,

Sorry but I don’t know anything about Blink or Rboy’s app.

Hi @RBoy,

Is there a way to add a Github integration link in our IDE’s in order to update the code that way instead of copy and past?

Yes, polling the Blink device does NOT force a sensor refresh update (see the first post FAQ’s) otherwise it’ll drain the battery. You need to call the forceSensorsUpdate function as mentioned earlier and hence you need CoRE. Pollster will not work here since it only calls the poll() function which only contacts the blink server and does not wake up the camera.

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Thanks. I am not finding the CoRE rule that someone else setup. What would be the “If” condition if I wanted to poll let’s say once every 30 minutes?

Pollster is @geko’s app not mine. My app is BigTalker among a few others, but Pollster is all @geko

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@RBoy , why is my camera showing up green (and disjointed)? I’m using the latest Device Handler and SmartApp?


Cameras do not show up as green on the Blink app.

Device: Nexus 6
OS Ver: 6.0.1

It’s an ST app issue. Likely to do with your phone/os/capabilities, try using a different phone and you should report it to ST support.

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Also the question comes to mind. Is this a brand new Blink camera you just added? I ask because the had a few cameras arrive defective to a few people I know. Blink did a fast RMA and now those people are happy!

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Blink Doubles Security Cameras Battery Life


We’re pleased to announce that our latest update will double the battery life of our total wire-free HD security cameras. With standard use*, your Blink security cameras will last over a year and even more!

The HD Security Camera for Your Smartphone with Batteries that Last Over a Year!

We are the only security camera on the market with our proprietary chip technology that makes this possible. You can place your cameras anywhere and then go about your daily life without having to worry about your cameras battery. The Blink HD Video Home Security will keep an eye on your home for a > very long time before the battery needs to be replaced.

  • Standard use is defined as 8,000 five-second events per year (or 40,000 total seconds of video recording, to include Live View usage).

I’ve seen reviews on Amazon where people have dead batteries already. All of mine still seem to have plenty of charge left. This is in contrast to other motion sensors that I’ve had to replace batteries already. Pretty amazing!

What are your experiences here?


Mine have always been really good. Not changed any since last year when I got them in the winter. But mine don’t record all that often, or viewed often.

I have one Blink camera which is reporting 47% in RBoy’s app but shows 100% in the Blink app. HOWEVER, that is the camera that fell and I temporarily lost the included lithium batteries, so I had to throw in a standard alkaline instead. I’m sure it will be fine when I put the lithium back in. The other 9 are all in the 905-100% range IIRC.

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That is correct and that’s because we have a slightly different calibration for batteries for the blink camera which takes into account the discharge curve of batteries when calculating the remaining %. Alkaline batteries have a lower voltage of 1.5v vs 1.7 for the Lithium. Hence it will report a lower initial battery %. We have a few cameras setup with Alkaline for about 4 months now and they’re doing pretty well, just that it shows a lower starting % due to the voltage difference.

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Mine with your device type is showing 64%, but Blink app is showing 100%. Are you saying it’s actually 100% or your device type is more accurate?

I bought my 5 camera system in Feb 2016, I think. The outdoor unit that gets triggered the most recently had its batteries replaced. Another unit that is rarely triggered unexpectedly died a few months ago.


Ok. Glad it’s accurate, but not glad I am down to 64% after two weeks. It could be because of all of the tinkering I am doing. Why is Blink’s battery meter so off then?

Also - does anyone know what the “forceSensorsUpdate” command has on the battery? I wanted to do this every 30 minutes to get an accurate temperature reading in my room.