[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Yerterday I tried resetting the hole thing, the hub.

Uninstalled the smartthings app and deletes everything from the page https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/login/auth

Just now I tried installing the blink handlers and app again (step buy step form this blog) and when i go to install the app on the smartthings app still apears the 5.0.7 version. These is veryyyy extrange. I double checked and the code is the version 5.0.9



I was stuck on an older version similar to you notwithstanding my deleting everything and inserting the new code. Couldn’t make sense of it. Tried deleting everything and updating to the newest code every week or two and finally it just worked. Since the version I was stuck on did what I needed the smart app to do – turns cameras on and off based on my routines – I never got that worked up about it but it was perplexing to say the least. Maybe it was human error.

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What app are yall using to turn the camera on and off? I want the camera to start recording if someone steps on the mat at the front door. I tried RM, but it just seems to have the option to take a picture!

Try this little trick, once the camera is armed, force it to take a picture. That usually forces it to start a recording.

Hi @RBoy

Got my cameras here in the UK this morning and your app doesnt seem to accept my login details.

Device Handler/Smart App all on latest versions and installed fine, doing the setup I type in my username/password for the blink system and it stalls (spinning icon) then just goes to a blank page with the version number at the top and a “Unable to save Page” message if I try and click next.

Is this to do with recent problems with ST or an issue due to being in the UK?


This may be the EU shard issue with Oauth:

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Yup either your username and login is incorrect or you could be facing OAuth issues.

Also Thought I’d mention Posting your entire logs could pose a security issue for you as it exposes your credentials and also ST and Blink keys which can be misused by folks to snoop and take control of your camera so I would suggest you remove them from the site and PM them to me to analyze

Oauth is now working in the UK. I’m not experiencing further issues. From your log you are getting 401 on initial attempt and also when authenticating. Looks to be your username and password IMHO

@Fuzzyligic I’ve even tried changing my password as I had special characters in it so removed, but made no difference.

Blink app is absolutely fine.

Might open a ST ticket and see if there is anything funny with my account.


Strange, now I cant even open the app - just spinning circle.

Looks like an issue with my account I think - put a ticket in with ST but I should think it’ll be a few days before I get a response.


Check your caps, most common problem while entering on the phone it capitalizes letters (login is email all lower caps). Special characters work in the password (tested) I’m guessing it’s a typo, 401 for login is invalid credentials.

I don’t know if you guys watch the status page but there are problems right now. You shouldn’t attempt to do much while they are having problems- they started yesterday and are not resolved today.

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Blink Customer Service


Just ordered two today and have code/ handler ready to go! How is your experience, so far?

In the iOS app, I look at the Activity Feed (under “Notifications”) pretty frequently. I’ve relied on it to figure out what’s going on when I’m getting my Routines to run correctly.

Ever since I set up my Blink in ST, that Activity Feed is now cluttered with one photo showing up over and over again. . . always the same one, the fixed image that is set up in the Blink app that corresponds to my one camera (i.e. the photo that I took when I first set up my Blink).

It takes up a ton of space in the Activity Feed (so a whole lot more scrolling). Worse, those photos cover up the text for other devices in my ST system.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why those photos keep popping up in my feed. (They keep showing up there even when nothing is happening with the Blink, and regardless of whether it’s armed.)

How do I stop those photos from showing up in the Activity Feed?

It’s the ST calling the poll function which forces an update to get the latest image from the server. You can disable poll by commenting out the line 61 in the device handler which says capability polling

As for overwriting the text it’s a bug with the ST phone app, report it to ST support. It shouldn’t overwrite anything.

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I’m a rookie at all of this . . . how exactly do I “comment out” a line in the device handler?

@RBoy Here’s what I see in the Device Handler . . . is it this line 61 that I need to change?

Line 60 says: capability “Polling”
Line 61 says: capability “Image Capture”

(And again, how do I do that ‘comment out’ thing? I don’t want to mess anything up!)

Cheers – and thanks so much for your help.

Just delete the lines or start with a