[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

@egobuster1 Yeah I do that. I have one that is always one and others that I toggle whether or not our presence is detected at home. The one in the backyard turns on back lights if motion is detected too, etc.

Really great cameras and a great app that @RBoy created. :grin:

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so can this all be achieved inside the app then or is it set up through IFTTT or how so. I’m thinking about ordering the 3 pack this weekend to give a shot. i have a Dlink 933L in my garage now and the integration isn’t bad but i just don’t like the function and flow of it.

Go for the five pack. You will find uses that you never thought of before. I got a two pack, then five and another five. Getting another five pack for my mother-in-law who has had break-ins in her neighborhood.

I will buy five more as soon as the Outdoor Version is released mid year as Blink states.


well i was thinking 1 for my living room which covers living room, kitchen and front door.
1 for dogs bedroom then i could put one in the garage but i have the Dlink camera out there now so i would have to find a use for it or throw it in a drawer i guess.
i could put one on the front porch i guess its covered so i don’t think the rain and weather would get to it only thing i would be worried about is the freezing temperatures in the winter and hot summer heat

I use Rule Machine, but if you don’t have it already installed you won’t be able to install it. Hopefully it comes back.

Smart Rules 2.0 will work for you is your are on iOS.

I’m sure you could get something going with IFTTT, I use IFTTT to turn on my Porch Lights via virtual switch triggered by a Ring Pro doorbell…works pretty well.

I happened to come across rule machine the other day and it seems like it was a pretty cool app however I’m new to smartthings and didn’t have it installed so I guess I’m out of luck there.

I am on iOS so I guess I can you the other one that you listed to see if I can get it to do what I want

I just set up a routine to “arm” or "disarm"the cameras based off of presence.


Hi @Kooltaco,

Where did Blink state that they are going to release the Outdoor capable camera “mid year”? I just checked their official FAQ on their site and it does not refer to this info.

Only place i have seen mention of it was in the comments section of this Blink Blog post.


“An outdoor camera is our top priority for the next-gen product, and we currently estimate releasing this later this year!”

I interpreted this as 31 Dec 2016.:disappointed:

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I’ve got a camera mounted outside in two spots to see how it performs under various conditions (and pretty far from the sync module too, just to test it). So far so good, been through a few storms and still working great. Just ensuring that they kept away from the direct rain. Lets see show it does in the next few months.

I’m running four Blink cameras outside…all under the eaves and out of direct weather…and they all function just fine and have been for months.


I am running one in my garage and I might add it should be 101 degrees today! So far so good!

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Can someto me help me? I can’t make the camera work right. When I arm the Shm it won’t work until I go to the Blink app and arm it there, and then I get all the notifications from Blink and not from SHM. Also if I disarm at Shm it is not disarmed until I do it on the blink app.
In fact only once it worked with the other alerts (lights, speaker siren).
What I set wrong?

I don’t use SHM, too many unresolved issues. Instead I use routines to turn on/off the cameras. You can however configure SHM to turn it on/off also or use the SmartApp can configure it to turn on/off when the specific SHM modes are set.

I see. But how can I add to the alert of motion also sound notification from the speaker? The notifications is something I don’t see on the routines.

So using those routines will arm and disarm the motion detection then? That seems easy enough to do. These cameras seem like there a pretty good device, surprised they haven’t gotten more publicity

Just installed Blink with 5 cameras. Blink app works fine. Installed latest ST Blink device handler and app. (Even did OAUTH)
After putting in Blink creds, the 5 cameras show up.
After hitting DONE, app errors with “An unexpected error occurred.” and Notifications has an “Error creating Blink camera device”

Blink Camera Manager log has this:


9:38:05 PM:
Error creating device: 

groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Ambiguous method overloading for
method physicalgraph.event.EventService#create.
Cannot resolve which method to invoke for [null, class java.util.LinkedHashMap] due to overlapping prototypes between:
[class physicalgraph.app.InstalledSmartApp, interface java.util.Map]
[class physicalgraph.device.cache.HubDTO, interface java.util.Map]
[class physicalgraph.device.cache.InstalledSmartAppDTO, interface java.util.Map]
[class physicalgraph.device.cache.LocationDTO, interface java.util.Map]
[class physicalgraph.location.Location, interface java.util.Map]

There are no new Things created (that are visible in the Things list anyways), however, the first camera on the list “sorta exists” in that it is getting pummeled with “heartbeat called” that show up in the logs (seems like several per second for a while, then it slows down) The Activity Feed is flooded with jpgs from the first camera. (filenames are unique - it’s hitting the camera for a new jpg?)


Looks like you may have an “unclean” install. Remove all devices from your account from the IDE manually and then start over. This is probably a conflict with a partially installed device. Better yet, delete the Devices and then the SmartApp and start over. Also assuming you’re on the latest versions of both.