[Deprecated as of Apr 8, 2018] Smart Home Monitor Exit and Entry Delays (Version1)

Motion sensors may only be delayed as part of a contact sensor profile. The documentation at the start of this thread has information about handling motion sensors creating an alarm during a delay.

[Update Released] Corrected: Motion Sensor caused False Alarm during Exit Delay

Dec 20, 2017 Away Mode false alarm during Exit Delay.
When not using exit delay from Lock Manager or SHM Delay Trueexit. A followed motion sensor is defined, during away mode a door (contact sensor) was not open, then motion sensor was activated during exit delay time frame, triggering an alarm.

Update module SHM Delay Child from Github

I don’t see my motion sensors in the list of contact sensor profile. I have read the above documentation, but not sure what I did wrong.

Click “Create a new profile” or on an existing profile.

The third field on the first profile screen says:
(Optional) Ignore this Motion Sensor when Real Contact Sensor opens (Remove from SmartHome Monitoring) Tap on “Tap to set” below this text

Is there anything built into your app that will play a normal/steady tone to an Android device with Lannouncer during an entry event and/or a beep beep sound on exit?

I see there is something for keypads but that looks to be just for Iris and Centralite keypads

The SHM Delay App has no support for DLNA or Speakers. The Keypad_ExitDelay_Talker and SHM_Delay_TrueExit apps, produce Chimes and TTS on Lannouncer and TTS on speakers for the exit delay period. For entry delay I use a self modified version of Big Talker to Chime/Please enter your pin on the keypad/Chime along with keypad beeps and a siren chirp.

Recently learned of the Remind-R app that is similar to Big Talker but has a built in time delay capability.

Lannnouncer supports playing audio files. Perhaps you can use that capability with a Big Talker or Remind-R command to produce your desired sounds.


To everyone who has asked about how to support the SHM Exit and Entry Delay project, you may now donate at:

Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/arnbme

Would it ever be possible to increase the amount of the entry delay? 60 seconds for my physical home layout tends to be very tedious for us. When I was using smart alarm I had it set to 90 seconds which seemed fairly reasonable.

Thanks for all the hard work! The app is great!

For now in the IDE go apps
Click on the name SHM Delay Child, opens the source
at line 353 and 355
change 0…60
Click Save on top menu
Go into your phone app and change the setting to 90

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You’re seriously awesome. Thank you!

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Is it possible to delay more than one motion sensor?

It’s possible, however it is coded for one motion sensor.
Updated: Multiple Motions sensors now supported. See next post

You may also use the SHM_Delay_TrueExit smartapp for Exit and the global “True Entry Delay” for Entry. It’s all documented at the beginning of this thread.

[Update Released] Minor enhancements. Optional, but suggested to stay current.

Dec 31, 2017

  • Global option “Allow Multiple Motion Sensors” added. Set to on/true to define multiple motion sensors in a Delay Profile. Default: Off/False
  • Maximum Exit and Entry delay times increased to 90 seconds from 60 seconds
  • Existing Delay Profiles continue functioning without any changes

Installation Procedure
Update module SHM Delay from Github and publish
Update module SHM Delay Child from Github, do not publish

I can’t seem to get the exit delay to work. I’ve passed the test for the simulated sensor and the entry delay is working as it should but opening the delayed door during the exit test (after the timeout) does not trigger an intrusion alert.

What am I missing?

I Am having an issue where it tells me the ‘Real Contact Sensor’ is simulated Please select a different real contact sensor or tap ‘Remove’

Please send me a screen shot of the IDE Device Details along with who manufactured your device and any other details you know about it.

Essentially if it says it’s simulated,
The (manufacturer and model and battery status) are all null
and its not (Konnected|Connected|Honeywell|z-wave)
it’s considered simulated

This is the logic test for a simulated sensor should you feel up to figuring it out.
if (thecontact.typeName.matches("(.)(?i)simulated(.)") ||
(thecontact.getManufacturerName() == null && thecontact.getModelName()==null &&
thecontact?.currentState(“battery”) == null && thecontact?.currentState(“batteryStatus”) == null &&

Hmm, that’s odd. By any chance are you using Ethayer’s Lock Manager Keypad module, or the SHM Delay TrueExit module?

If no to the above please let me know:

  • How you are normally arming and disarming your system
  • Any other smartapps or WebCore Pistons that may interact

First of all I have to say I am impressed with how fast you responded. Thank you! I extensively research this platform against several others (including abode which has native keypad support) but I ultimately chose smartthings because of its versatility and the strength of the user community. I hope I can give back!

To answer your questions:

-I am not using the Lock Manager (yet). I hope to integrate a Centralite 3400 after I get the delays working. I have not installed the TrueExit module yet either.
-The only other smartapps I have installed are Alexa and MyQ Lite.
-I am arming through the SHM dashboard in the app.

I tried many test iterations: with and without motion sensors, with and without a Custom trigger in SHM that monitors the real sensor, etc. It seems that after the Exit delay the real sensor is detected as opening but the simulated sensor does not get updated with that status.

You are most welcome.

I understand your frustration.

You mentioned the simple Simulated Sensor test works, Entry Delay test works, but Exit Delay does not set the simulated sensor open.
Assuming this is failing in Step 8 of the Exit Delay test, and all prior alarms are cleared in the SmartThings Phone App

  1. Open the door–>Alarm should trigger Clear alarm by tapping Disarm, clear intrusion in phone app, continue with Entry Delay test.

I can only think of one thing causing this to occur.

  • There is an Entry Delay time parameter coded during the exit delay test. Entry Delay time should be zero, 0 for the test, and all the global options should be at their defaults.

Also when testing sometimes the Smarthings cloud is S L O W, so “immediate” may take a few seconds.

Should this continue to fail, please feel free to send me a Private Message with your phone number, time zone, and a good local time to reach you.

Hi, I have set my real motion sensor to be ignored when my contact sensors are triggers. The problem is when I armed in SHM, the motion is detected before the contact sensor is triggered. So, the alarm will be trigger. I would like to know if is possible to ignore all motion sensor with the need to trigger the contact sensor.

Thank you!