DEN ( UK Sockets and light switches)

I came across this on the internet They’re a new startup company with the plan to sell smart devices to the UK market.

After writing an email to them, It looks pretty exciting with what they’re going to be releasing.

Zigbee protocol ( Unlike the priority LightwaveRF stuff )
No neutral needed on light switches.
Built-in power monitors.

I’m hoping the fact they are using Zigbee, This should just work with ST. Fingers crossed.


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Looks good.
Be nice if they introduce different types. Brushed chrome, black chrome, brass etc.

Brushed Stainless Steel and Polished Chrome “coming soon”

Very little detail on the site though. Apparently. pre-order in Feb, available March

From a comment there:

From their latest crowdfunding, they suggest this pricing

– 1 gang light switch, RRP £30//Wholesale £17
– 2 gang light switch, RRP £35//Wholesale £19
– Single plug socket, RRP £35//Wholesale £21
– Double plug socket, RRP £40//Wholesale £23
– Occupancy Sensor, RRP £25
– Remote, RRP £20
– WiFi Hub, RRP £60

  1. Subscriptions: although our iOS and Android app will initially be free, we are currently exploring the opportunities to receive a reoccurring revenue via a £1 monthly app subscription for particular features,.

Despite being asked, there’s no confirmation that they’ll be ST compatible - just Echo and Google Home. The subscription comment suggests they might require their own hub…

Edit to ADD: It looks like a no-go for ST. Another company trying to lock you into their own eco-system. No thanks

Den Hey Peter. Den products only work with the Den hub, they need familiar face :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah. I missed the greyed out ‘coming soon’ bit.

the manufacturer isn’t going to admit their products work with ST if they are also selling a hub solution. it will all come down to the zigbee protocol used. i haven’t yet found a bit of IOT tech that can’t be somehow integrated into ST. I’m hopeful den will be the solution to the distinct lack of UK IOT light switches and dimmers.

I sent Den an email over a week ago asking them to confirm the zigbee protocol they are using. No response yet.

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I really hope it is supported by ST. I want home automation, not remote control and really don’t want another hub or to connect to IFTTT or any online services for the matter to turn my heater on when I arrive home.

fingers crossed tempted to buy some and see what’s possible.

Did anyone ever buy any? Do they work with ST? Thanks.

They haven’t shipped yet … now est Jan 2019

Update - mine arrived today .

HI , Did your switches work as you hoped?

I’d also like to know if it was compatible with the ST hub, or if there is an API we can talk to the hub directly… anything at all that avoids going to the internet and back really.

No, no API (yet) and no ST integration. The system works well in its own isolated way though. Mostly positive except…

I have some RF range issues. Only the sockets are repeaters, not the light switches. It’s too expensive for me to replace a lot of sockets to get house coverage. The product costs a lot more than the original suggestion.

As they change state they really do klunk loudly.

Light switches work but don’t report state correctly on 3way + switching circuits. On 2 way you need two Den switches for correct status reporting. Technically they could, and should, have avoided this.

Just discovered these, am really interested to know if they are compliant with ZigBee spec and will bind with hue, deconz etc.

Expensive but WAF should be very high if they are not too slow to respond.

For anyone wondering about these, err… don’t buy them. Company went into liquidation, servers are off, switches are dumb again.