Delay entry before alarm sounds?

So I am coming from Iris, and so far have my system setup. I am using
RBoy apps:
SHM Routines

I have the delay exit setup and working, however is there a way to setup a delay entry? And if so How?

Second I have Amazon Echo’s is there anyway to have them connected to ST so that during exit delay it says something like “Arming System” then once armed it says “System Armed”.
Then with entry delay (If i can get it working) have it also say things like intruder detected. , then after the delay runs out if not disarmed it plays alarm sound for x time or until disarmed.

Also other things I would like to be able to do, but if the above can be done I am sure I can figure out the other stuff I want to do.

And If I install another App will it interfere with Rboy apps?

Thanks for your help.

We need to know which model of hub you have and which version of the mobile app you are using (classic or “smartthings ( Samsung connect“) as the features vary somewhat. :sunglasses:

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V3 Hub, and classic app

Also I noticed that if alarm is set and the alarm goes off. then I set it again and triger the alarm again, it does not go off until I clear the intrusion detection in the app. Is there a way to auto clear that so it resets the alarms to go off?

Sorry but no. This is a SmartThings years old known issue. You must reset by going into Notifications, then clearing the alert.

This is all possible with a combination of things like Echo Speak and or WebCore.


The entry delay feature is only available in the new ST app SHM, however that cannot be integrated with third apps like LUM. The ST Classic app SHM does not support entry delays, but you can use a third party app called SHM Delay 2.0 with Classic SHM to simulate an entry delay.

The other option is to see if the Intruder Alert and Actions SmartApp can manage your security setup in place of the SHM security module. This can be used with both the new ST and Classic ST app. This app also has the option to “announce” the system status over Amazon Alexa (you will need to install the Echo Speaks integration to use this feature with Alexa).