Default device type for Schlage lock

I have this Schlage lock:

I’m using ethayer’s lock manager with it. I wanted to try out the native ST lock manager, but it’s unable to get the status of the device. I suspect it’s because I’m using ethayer’s device handler as well.

What is the “default” device type I should set this lock to?

You will need to use the Z-wave Lock device handler.

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Why look beyond ethayer’s? I can’t even imagine a feature that’s missing- it’s awesome.

Wouldn’t the DTH be " Z-wave Lock with Codes"?

Z-wave Lock is local and works with the ST Lock app. Z-wave with codes is cloud based and works with 3rd party apps.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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I always like to know what’s out there.

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Here’s an option, it uses the stock device handler and can co-exist with SmartLocks (if you have access to RBoy Apps):

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