Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-Button Controller

Got a notice from Leviton this morning about a new scene switch, “Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-Button Controller”. Doesn’t mention integration with SmartThings. Might try to finally write my first, original device handler. (Unless, of course, this is news only to me … ). It’s a really clean looking device.

Nice device. :sunglasses: Product description says it works with Ifttt, so if they are exposing all four buttons, you could get some smartthings integration that way in any case.

This could also be a nice simple wired wall controller for smart bulbs through IFTTT , but it will require a cloud connection.

  • To be installed in locations with hot, neutral and ground. An electrical load cannot be directly wired to this product
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I recently got this controller, thinking it would work with IFTTT as requested, and that would be the smartthings integration, but instead it doesn’t report the 4 buttons into IFTTT. Added it to smartthings (Via my.leviton integration) and it sees it as a switch, which is of course useless as it does not have a load.

Would be interesting if we could pull it into smartthings as a remote control type, as basically thats what it is.

I’m wondering if anyone has been able to get these to work well with SmartThings? Or, if anyone has been able to get them to work at all.

I got it to work with IFTTT and ST but it’s very limited. You can only action on/off or lock/unlock up to 4 lights/devices per button. You can’t activate scenes. You can’t specify individual dimming. Disappointing.

Can you use it to turn on a virtual Switch in smartthings? If so, that’s all you need for SmartThings scenes, etc. you create an automation in smartthings so that when IFTTT turns the virtual switch on, you do whatever you want to on the Smartthings side including activate a SmartThings scene, change the mode, etc. just remember to turn the virtual switch off again when you’re done with it, or set it up so it always turns itself off after one minute so it’s ready for the next time.