Debug: trace, info, etc

Wouldn’t it be super useful for SmartThings IDE to leverage the debug levels (trace, info, etc…) with an IDE setting to filter/show only values chosen?

I find that most apps blindly use whatever they want, and there’s no real ability to filter or show only that which is important. Logs are everything or nothing. At best you have two levels right now, looking at events, or the full log.

I also feel like this wouldn’t be that hard. And I’m really hoping I’m just missing something obvious.

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I thought I’d put that in the IDE ideas thread, but maybe I just mentioned it in IRC. But yes. Post it in this thread so Brian sees it and can put it on his radar.

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Well… yes, but then I would really appreciate if someone would publish some guidelines as to the proper use of each level.

What’s the difference between “info” and “trace”?

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To the docs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


From one Brian to another Brian, I’ll get this information to Brian. :wink:



We should unionize.

…or at least set up some sort of shadow government.

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Form a “dyslexic Brian Trust”…

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