API for Smartthings Live Logging?

Is there a public API for the SmartThings Live Logging data? I’m not thrilled with the Live Logging UX within the IDE. I thought, perhaps there is a way to access the same data, and then I could build a nicer log exploration tool.

For the curious, here are things I’d like to do:

  1. One can use the device list at the top of the log to filter on a single device, but I’d like to be able to filter out devices, and listen to the others.

  2. As the number of devices on the livelogging page increases, the actual room to look at the log data gets squeezed to a smaller portion of the page.

  3. There are a number of log tags (log.debug, log.trace, etc), and it would be good to filter on those.

  4. Sometimes I’m trying to debug why SmartThings thinks the state of a device is ON (or OFF, or whatever), and I just want to see the last N things in the logs from a device.

  5. The live logging first column has some kind of device id (e.g. cd2727cc-7f49-4d82-8d18-73b74b3cb29c) and SmartThings knows which device that is since when I click on it, the log is filtered to “Kitchen Lights” for instance. It would be nice to replace the hexadecimal klingon with something human readable.

… and so on.

I like your ideas, but unfortunately that’s a there is for us. No API, just the IDE.