DC Fan control

So I just installed a DC fan (not entirely by choice, there are limited options in enclosed styles to go next to a bunk bed and the description didn’t give many details). For the time being I’ve pulled out the smart fan and light switches I had on the old fixture and put in a dumb wall switch. The light and fan are operated by a remote - dimming, color temp and fan speed …

The particularly stupid thing about this dumb fan is that when you power cycle it (whether with the wall switch or the remote), it cycles through three preset color temps. From my conversation with the responsive but unhelpful customer service, this appears to be intended behavior, though I can’t imagine why. Returning the fan isn’t practical (doing back to China would cost more than the fan) and I’d feel bad reselling something this poorly designed, so I’m hoping to find a workaround.

My curvy idea is to cut in a smart dry contact relay between the controller and the light; if possible, I’d like to use a second channel to control power to the fan as well. The best option I’m seeing is the Qubino 1D; their diagrams only show the outputs wired off the supply for the device, but it looks like I can connect an independent circuit across the contacts instead. That only gives me one channel though. A Mimo2 would give me two outputs but I don’t think it can be tucked into the housing. Are there any other compact options out there with two channels?

Not that small but maybe this would work?


Ooh, possibly. I’ll have to get it power but that’s probably manageable… I’d focused my search mostly on z-wave so this didn’t come up.

Well, the mhcozy / ewelink board is a nifty device, but it turns out this fan puts out straight 130VDC and the relays are only rated to 30VDC (plus that means no chance of taking power off the light output to run the device).

The good news is that in the week I’ve had the fan installed, my 7yo hasn’t cared about the color temp changing, so I guess I can live with that and pick up a Bond to integrate it, or replace the dimmer at the wall with an on/off for basic control. I’m viewing this fan as a medium-term solution anyway, only for as long as she’s in a loft bed, so maybe it doesn’t matter that much anyway.