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Date criteria


Please let me know if this is in the wrong section, but can we please get date criteria for smartapps/routines, etc.

I would love to create a Holiday Mode, and then enter in the holiday dates for the year to have it switch to that Mode. I do hate having all the lights come on a 4 AM on Thanksgiving when I don’t have to go to work. So being able to tell my Light Automation to not include Away and Holiday Mode would be amazing.

Also there are lots of other uses. I use it for ‘one of’ tasks in Stringify and the like, but I don’t want to reinvente the wheel and have to create everything (all my lighting, routines, etc) in Stringify. The point of SmartThings was to be able to do almost everything in one place with ease.



@ady624 would know, as he’s the author, but I know there was some discussion of adding this option to core, which is a very sophisticated community created rules engine.

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@Cael @JDRoberts

This can most definitely be done using CoRE.

This is an example of a piston that will turn on a switch between sunset and sunrise during the thanksgiving holidays for the years 2017-2019.
That switch turns on a piston that is offended for that holidays lighting scheme and turns off the regular outdoor lighting.


Ok, I will have to try Core then. I have been a little intimidated to look into yet, as so many posts talk about how tricky it is. But its my only option.


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Just ask questions in the CoRE threads… Plenty of folks there helping out.


Use CoRE to change the mode to"holiday" on fix date, and all lights control should always exclude holiday mode


Thanks. I have that set up now, so we will see how it performs.

And I was pleased that Core is much easier to use than I had gotten the impression that it would be.