Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas

No, the mode should change on click too. Can you post a copy of one of your virtual switches? You can pm me too if you don’t want to clog up this thread.

Thanks for the response @swindmiller . I think the problem was caused by my wife renaming the mode. I will give it another go once she’s done and happy with the names. It will probably we a while I am pretty sure :smile:

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No problem…let me know if I can help

Someone was asking about inexpensive waterproof tablets so they could put smarttiles on a table by the pool. I can’t find that particular comment right now so I’ll post this here.

As far as I know all the waterproof tablets are very expensive. However there are many waterproof cases which are a much less costly solution.

The bubbleshield for example runs less than $20, and seems to work well. It’s kind of goofy looking but would be appropriate for poolside. And, yes, you can use the tablet while it’s still in the case.

This first link is to review site covering a number of waterproof cases:

And this is the bubble shield at Amazon:

In case anyone is curious if you want to change the color for the dimmer light use this code:
.dimmerLight.active .icon {color:#FFFF00}

This one will not change anything!
.dimmer.active .icon {color:#00FF00}

This is my mounting solution for my old Nook. Not as elegant as a frame or in-wall installation but the 3M Command velcro I used allows my to easily take the Nook down for programming or for use when traveling. The small frame of my young daughters artwork hides the plug. Also, while the Nook has no camera to detect presence to turn it on or off, I was able to use Sharptools and Tasker to react to a motion detector in the room. The tablet also acts as a speaker for a wireless doorbell I made (simple push button doorbell attached to door/window sensor), voice alerts to doors being left open for x minutes (alerts at 15, 30, 45 and 60 min) and for playing specific songs when either my wife or I get home. Lots of fun.


I have a couple old Nook’s but hesitated to use them because of the lack of a front-camera. Thanks for the info.

What OS image are you using? How did you create the split-screen layout?

I have an AFN (Android for Nook) sd card in it which roots the Nook and runs a Cyanogenmod version of Kitkat (I can still boot to Nook OS when needed). I then installed Xhalo floating window. Not hard to do. I am not a programmer or in IT but following some online directions I found it pretty easy. I plan to use the top half of the screen for an intercom and home theater control when a couple of Kickstarter items deliver.


What are you using for the voice alerts?

I use Sharptools and Tasker for voice notifications on the tablet. I also use these two along with “Ok Google” for voice commands. I can tell the tablet to turn lights on or off, dim lights to a certain percentage or ask the temperature in a certain room and I will get a voice confirmation. The fact that Sharptools can get info on a device state makes it a very powerful and useful tool. For example, the voice confirmation I get when turning a light off is using information about the device state and not just repeating a canned response.


Anyone run into issues adding the weather tile ? It works fine in SmartThings , But when i try to add it to Smarttiles " things to show" I get “An unexpected error occurred” when hitting the last done. If i go back and uncheck it . i can hit the done and write to the page… Any ideas ?


Would you be willing to share your Tasker and Autovoice settings to do that.

Loading... and the main thread.

Thanks for the info… !

Honesty I just followed the directions posted by @joshua_lyon on the Sharptools site. I’m pretty sure I didn’t change anything as a I am just a novice with Tasker. But when I get home I can post the settings if you still want it.

Yes please do either here or in a PM.

I forgot I also have it on my phone. This is an example for dimming a light. For Autovoice the Command Filter is “set family room lights to (?.+)%” I also checked the Use Regex box. Thats all I did in Autovoice. The tasks are:

I hope this helps.


The Command filter should have the word level in between greater than and less than signs between the ? and . For some reason the it was left out in the prior post even though I see it when editing it. Weird.


You should also post it in another thread. Make a tutorial or something. This information is very helpful to everyone, including those who may not be interested in SmartTiles as such.


Actually, @joshua_lyon already has a great example setup on the Sharptools site. But if anyone has any questions they can pm me or start a new discussion and I will try to help. Sorry to have gone away from the purpose of this thread, SmartTiles theming and mounting.