Dashboard not loading. What's not going on lately!

Why did I get an email that everything is resolved when my dashboard does not even load.
We have been one of biggest supporters but with daily instability lately, they are so losing us and testing the breaking point of our patience.


Glad to hear I am not the only one. As a newbie my confidence level is not high to begin; i tend to blame the wrong person, me :wink:

The offered suggestion “check your Internet” is not clear in whether to check the Internet connection to your hub or app.

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Same thing. Error loading dashboard. very unreliable and slow from last few days. Why can’t it connect to hub locally when at home.

Dashboard has been down for me for the last hour.

Dashboard has been down for me for at least the last hour. I’ve been trying to diagnose my own stuff – “check your internet” is a bad, bad error.

The mobile app should at the very minimum pull in the status from status.smartthings.com when there’s a known outage/issue.