Dashboard Hangs on Loading

I am unable to get the Dashboard to load on the iOS mobile app. It just hangs on the Loading screen included below.

This had been working fine for months, not sure when it stopped. I have tried rebooting the hub, but no change. It also doesn’t matter if I am on my home WiFi or on an outside network - behaves the same way.

Every other screen loads and functions fine.

Anyone know what might cause this and/how how I could fix it?

I don’t think its just a you problem, have the same issue this morning. SHM reports:

physicalgraph.api.StatusCodeException: Invalid http status code returned: 503 @ line 307

Looks like something on samsung’s side (judging from the 503 error code)


This was listed in the community created wiki first bug reports last night.


It’s affecting people on both android and iOS and there are several existing threads discussing it.

People on android seem to be able to get rid of the bug by updating to version 2.2.3 of the mobile app. I haven’t heard of a fix for iOS yet, but see the following thread: