Danalock v2 - good, bad, any hands-on? Or August?

Danalock just announced at CES, a pretty hefty discount in Feb. Their V2 lock is supposed to be better designed for US locks.

Was hoping to retrofit my 2 deadbolts with a connected lock, but August seems to be having API issues with ST (or rather, ST finds their API insufficient), and Danalock had some issues as well.

Let’s post any experiences with their lock here. Is it supported by @ethayer’s godsend DT and App? I may bite the bullet and buy one just to test out. But I may wait until the discount!

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I’m curious if anyone’s tried this yet. The V1 had terrible reviews.

I bought an August lock installed it and I didn’t realize I needed a $79 hub to connect it to WiFi and I couldn’t directly connect to smartthings I returned it. I installed the danalock V2 and it works just fine. I had to set up with the phone app then pair to smartthings. The quality is good although the August might be a step up in quality the Danalock is working fine. I recommend it

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You should check out the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DH which allows you to configure and use the advanced features of the lock like turn n go, auto lock, motor torque etc.

You will need access to the RBoy server if you don’t already have it.