Danalock. How to activate bluetooth

I have a Danalock V3 BTZE. The problem is that when the lock is connected to a z-wave network, bluetooth is turned off. To enable bluetooth the manual says “To enable bluetooth Smart enable Configuration byte no. 5”

My question is: How do I Smartenable Configuretion byte no.5?

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Just got a Danalock z-wave. The smartthings dht has no properties for configuring the device. What i did was to exclude the device from smartthings connect via Bluetooth (please note that this can only be done through the Danalock app as scanning for bluetooth devices using your phone will not display the danalock, amd once you have connected via Bluetooth, add the device again via z-wave to smartthings. Both should now work.

You can configure this option with this device handler from the device settings page after pairing it with the hub:

Here are the features it supports:

Danalock Locks

  1. Enable/disable audio/beeping
  2. Enable/disable auto lock
  3. Configuration options (device settings/preferences page)
    • Turn speed
    • Brake n go
    • Turn n go
    • Auto relock timeout
    • Bluetooth always allowed