D-Link Wi-Fi Water Sensor with Aeon Labs Switch

As the topic indicates I have a need to shutoff the power to my washer when water is detected. This stems from a house that was built in the 50s and has major under foundational drainage issues. We had our garage flood when the washer went through its drain/spin cycle. If during the cycle I could interrupt the power when the drain overflows I’d be in business! I know there are more compatible ST devices for sensing water but this one has a cord that can be ran down my drain and sense water way before it is all over the floor! Down side is the device is DLink WIFI. I want to create a recipe or the like in IFTTT that will turn off my paired AeonLabs appliance switch when water is detected on the DLink WIFI sensor. I’d love to bypass DLink somehow. DLink can trigger an email but I would assume that is too slow; I need something that will integrate and trigger the event in less than a second. DLink can also send an alert to my phone but what if my phone is off! Any ideas? The solution needs to be fast triggered and resilient.

BTW; I’ve also considered wiring some Frankenstein solution that could kill me with GFCI.