D-link water detector with Dome water shutoff

I know that the D-link water sensor is not on the Smartthings list of controllable devices but is there a way to set it up that when water is detected to shut my Dome water shutoff valve? It sends me a text right now and I can shut it off on the Smartthings app. Thanks

You could have the text sent to an IFTTT address and use that service to shut off the valve.

I’m new at this so how would I do that?

Actually you don’t even need to do that. You can connect D-LInk and use it as an IFTTT “this”:

Connect your SmartThings account as well and set the “that” as closing the Dome valve.

My WaterCop valve didn’t show up as an option to share to IFTTT. If that’s true for the Dome valve also, you could create a virtual switch (let’s call it “Leak Detected”) and share that to IFTTT instead.

Then create a routine in SmartThings (terminology is based on the Classic app, I don’t have the new Samsung Connect app installed but the concept is the same):
What do you want to happen?
-Close Dome Valve
-Turn off “Leak Detected” (resets so it can run the next time)
Automatically perform when:
-“Leak Detected” turns on

Now when your D-Link sensor detects water, it will tell IFTTT to turn on the virtual switch, which will trigger the routine to close the valve and reset the switch.

Good luck!

Thanks for the info, I will try that