D-Link breaks into the smart home market with mydlink Home

D-Link just announced its getting into the smart home market with mydlink home. Of course in d-link fashion everything is wifi. Will be interesting to see what their pricing is as in their announcement they claim current solutions are too expensive. http://us.dlink.com/product-category/home-solutions/connected-home/sensors/

The mydlink modules include:

  • Home Monitor HD: This is a one-megapixel camera with wireless AC connectivity, night-vision with infrared illumination and an integrated microphone. This has a fixed point of view and is intended for monitoring entrances, garages, and similar areas.

  • Home Monitor 360: A fully-featured pan and tilt camera, the Monitor 360 is for monitoring large areas or to reduce blind spots. It boasts real-time H.264 and MJPEG compression, night vision capability and an integrated microphone.

  • Home Smart Plug: This Wi-Fi-enabled module is a simple device that plugs into a wall outlet, with appliances then plugged into the module. This allows users to turn appliances on and off remotely, schedule automatic activation and deactivation, receive activity notifications and monitor energy use. The plug also has a overheating safety cutout.

  • Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor: This motion sensor is a one-piece module that also plugs into a mains socket. It has one-button setup and can detect any movement within 8 m (26 ft).

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According to the pictures, they kept the hub round like the one they manufacture for Staples Connect. They did switch theirs to white to differentiate. I’ve had decent luck with Staples Connect hub controlling lights and a kwikset lock. Limited functionality though. Just obtained a SmartThings Hub v2 hoping to gain more control and continue adding automation like leak sensors / shutoffs.