Cycle color on led strip at button press?

Hello, I would like to change the color of a led strip with a button switch but not by assign to each botton a color but in a fixed chain like red, orange, yellow, blu, purprle etc.
In the Mariano Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc driver for exemple you can increase or deacrease the temperature… I would like something similar but with the color.
Is it possible in yours opinion?

What’s the brand and model of the LED strip?

One approach would be to create a new routine for each color - e.g. IF LED strip is on AND LED color is red (precondition) AND button is pressed THEN change LED strip to orange. Repeat for each color, plus one more routine to turn the strip on if it’s off. Clunky but does what you want without doing anything fancy.


Strips are BTF-LIGHTING and controller are 3A Nue smart zigbee RGBW.

Nice idea, i could try, the only doubt I have is about the right colour considering that I have to select hue and saturation and I cant use RBG or Hex code.

Good point - the ‘if’ in a new automation doesn’t give me any kind of color values as an option, which I hadn’t checked before. That’s for an RGB bulb, your LED strip could be different but I wouldn’t be surprised if you run into the same.

You could do the same thing in Sharp Tools - that’s where I do my holiday color cycle automations so I can confirm colors are available as if conditions there.


You’re right, color is not available as precondition… sigh!
How did you do it with sharp tools?

There is a way with @Mariano_Colmenarejo Virtuales driver. Create SwitchBoard with 3 switches and create routine for each switch to call color at your liking. Now you can create routine that will jump from one to another color based on active switch (color). You can setup only one switch to be active at the time.

Probabilly I’m quite close to the final result but I miss something! I create a SwitchBoard with 3 switch and a routine fot every swith to change color. I also create some routine to desactivate a swith and active the following one to change color but how I can link everything to a button?
Many thanks for your help!

Now just create routines that link actual physical button as when pressed and button A is active, turn on button B, and another one for when pressed and button B is active, turn on button C, and another one for when pressed and button C is active, turn on button A. This would make cycling.
If your actual button has held option you can use that to turn off/on all buttons ABC

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Thanks you, finally I was able to do it… I made a mistake in the routine cause at the same time I config switch1 off and switch2 on but it’s enough switch2 on!

Do you thinks there is a way to increase the numer of switch more then 5 without 2 switchboard?

An option for the future, Fibaro 441 or 442 controllers do this natively and last a long time

I do not like Fibaros attitude towards not providing offical drivers but i do like the rgbw controler devices, Mariano has created excellent drivers that work the 441 and 442s brilliantly

That would be good question for @Mariano_Colmenarejo