Custom (z-wave) device controller in new Developer Workspace?

I’m new to Smartthings development and quite confused about what can be done in the newer Smartthing Developer Workspace and the older Groovy IDE.

I want to adapt an existing device handler for a (hub connected) z-wave device. The device handler is Groovy based and has a lot of handling for things that were apparently a thing in the older app like handling tiles etc. (I’m new to the ecosystem, so never used the old app which many seem to miss so dearly).
The existing community provided device handler works (sort of…) but I’d like to change a few things. So I set out optimistically to port it / rewrite it in the Developer Workspace, but for hub connected devices the website forces me to register an official organization. I’m happy to feed back the handler to the community but I won’t open a business for that :wink:
Why? Is this not yet possible and do I need to keep using the Groovy IDE? Are custom device handlers no longer going to be possible in the future?

(or maybe I’m just on a completely wrong track here?)

Hub connected devices are still written using groovy right now. You gain nothing from using the developer workspace. A replacement IDE is coming in 2021.

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