Custom smartapps

With the new SmartThings app June 2021, when I go to add a new smart app, I can not see any of mine that I have created. Only a small general list.

Is it not working with the new app?

To assign that SmartApp to a specific device:

  1. Open the ST mobile app.
  2. Go to the Dashboard, then click on the Marketplace icon (the multicolored asterisk in the lower right).
  3. Choose SmartApps
  4. Scroll down to the My Apps section all the way at the bottom and choose it.
  5. Scroll down to find the custom smartapp you want, then install it.
  6. Follow the set up wizard instructions for that smartapp.

That list you provided is extremely out-of-date. If you enable developer mode that i linked to above… you can tHen click on add smartapps to see the custom smartapps listed.


Wow. Worked like a dream. I was missing the part in the app to hold down the about smart things until it turns white. How was someone suppose to find that? LOL