Custom Smartapp for Email Notification?

I have looked at and tried many ST notification apps to send an email to someone else when a specific motion sensor is triggered. However, they all seem to only send to my registered ST email address.

This is a security thing, not to spam some site or person. I live remotely and my dau needs some way for me to let her know I am still kicking. I have an Aeon multisensor mounted in the stairway that I must traverse at least twice a day if I am home. I want that motion sensor to send her an email when triggered, but preferably only once a day to not fill up her inbox.

The sensor setup works great, but the setup does not seem to allow changing the email address. Unfortunately my coding skills for ‘groovy’ is really non-existent, so looking for something similar where minimal changes would be necessary.

I did look at the template code for the Aeon multisensor, but I can’t make heads or tails of it…if indeed that is even the place to start.

Anyone know of a custom smartapp that might do this or can easily be modified to do this?


You can use IFTTT This is a link to one example on their site which might work, although it will email every time the event happens.

You could use a contact switch to a cabinet and open it once a day. If you have an Amazon or Google voice assistant you can create a routine/scene with a phrase that triggers an action that IFTTT uses to know to send a email. “Alexa, tell Sarah I’m alive”

I’ve been using Smart Care Daily Motion. Found in Automation -->add a smartapp
I have it set to send an alert when no motion on a motion sensor from the hours on 7 to 11Am when alarm in night mode. If it’s in home mode I already set the alarm off


Thanks! But I have tried the IFTTT app you suggested. While the setup appears to let you put in a custom email, behind the scenes it apparently does not work that way. I put in my dau’s email address and it still sends the notification to my email. That field does not seem to affect the actual send-to email address.

I like the motion sensor approach because I simply cannot ‘forget’ to trigger it; all the other methods require some additional action on my part I could simply forget to do.

There is a skill in Alexa that provides a service that on voice command will send something like “I’m OK” as a SMS msg to her phone, but she wanted email if possible.

If I am missing something on the IFTTT


Thanks, I missed that! I looks like SMS only, but perhaps I can convince my dau to use that, LoL.


I looked at the IFTTT script & this implementation of “email” only sends it to you. You can build your own private script at that uses GMail. The dialog looks like this:

Seems fairly simple. I’ll bet that you can add script in the filter section that will only run this once a day. I’ve never tried but …
cheers - Taz

Do you have Webcore set up. If so I think you can send an email from Webcore.
I currently use Webcore to count motion events at my mother’s house and send a report of the number of motion events and date time of last event via SMS twice a day.

Well, the ‘maker’ looks promising, so have applied for access.


No, not that I am aware of, but will take a look at it along with the IFTTT maker thing.

Thanks for the reply!

I looked in Webcore and there is an email option I have just never used it. We tend to respond to SMS and push notifications better.

You can send sms outside of Webcore you don’t have to use the contacts option. My above scenario I have a message go to another family member too outside of my smarthings contact list.


Wow, there is a lot to this stuff, LoL. To give you an idea of my programming experience, my last project, beyond simple python and bash scripts was FORTRAN 77… And punch cards/punch tape were not uncommon then either! DEC PDP11’s were the hot computers I worked with.

Anyway, I have the whole Amazon AWS thing loaded up with a new developer acct, Ask Alexa, Webcore, etc. Will work my way through as many examples as I can find and see if I can get something cobbled together.

Thanks again for your tips and advice! Hopefully this old dog can learn new tricks :smile:


if you have webcore set up. I can share my piston that would give you an example to build off of. It counts the motion triggers of several sensors and counts those then sends a result twice a day.

If your interested let me know.

Yes, thanks! That would give me something to start with. Can you post it, or does this forum have private emailing?

Sent you a message with the image

Got them…thank you!