CT30 Thermostat recognized as unknown device

I am new to ST, and bought a new CT30 Thermostat with Z-Wave Module. ST recognize this as an unknown device. I went to ide and change type to CT100, I think it work, but CT100 seems to have more features than CT30 (Ex. Humidity sensor). Look like CT30 device type is no longer exist in the list of devices in ide. Is that why my CT30 is not being recognized? Can someone help, how to get CT30 recognized in ST app?

It’s definitely still supported, so that’s a good sign.

I found it in the app, too.

Go to Connect New Device
Climate Control
Radio Thermostat
Radio Thermostat CT30

Thank you for the reply, and CT30 is still in the app. But when I try to connect to new device as a CT30, app detect the device as an unknown device. I think the reason for this being “unknown” is that device is not available in ide (Possibility code removed in ide?). For example, CT100 is available both in app to connect as a new device and available in ide to select as an device type. Any thoughts? Need help.

Suggest keep using CT100 devicetype and ignore humidity.

You could switch physical thermostats to CT30/wifi and have manufacturer portal access and dedicated phone app, and simultaneous ST access via Geko’s custom DT. See geko / Filtrete 3M-50 ought to find it, same as CT30 hardware.

I am using two ct30 thermostats in a zone configuration. The device type I’m using CT30+ from Github. Manually changing the temperatures from within smartthings isn’t very responsive. But if I use smart tiles it works fine. All the smart apps function perfectly with it including thermostat director.

CT100 type do not update current temperate readings, most of the time or I should say flaky. (I am running C - wire, so I do not believe it is due to battery power issue)

“> The device type I’m using CT30+ from Github”

I am new to github - codes, but I think I managed to copy paste to device type code area and got that to work. However, this code allow me to change temperate only one degree at a time, as CT30 is slow to respond and 2 degree changes I have to wait 1 minute between every change. (Not sure why)

Z-Ware Thermostat code, I was able to use. Although it do not show battery charge %, seems to do a decent job.

CT100 - device type, do not update, current state of the T-Stat properly. Ex. It do not report current temperate correctly, FanAuto setting is wrongly displayed.

Thank you for the replies.

Any other thoughts welcome.