CT30 Thermostat

I have a CT30 Thermostat and the thermostat functions properly from my phone, but I cannot control anything from the thermostat it self. The thermostat temperature readings are also incorrect at the thermostat and will not change. It has an Icon on the thermostat that says remote control and no functions, Menu, Program, fan control, etc are working from the base. I have a second one set-up and everything is working fine without this remote control icon. Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

Try to press and hold on PROG for 10 seconds

How did you pair it to your smartthings? I can’t seem to get it to work

I have 2 and both linked. On the one I was struggling with, I took out the batteries and the SNAP unit. Then turned on the thermostat normally. Then I put the SNAP unit back in and batteries and linked again. If I recall correctly, I touched the screen bellow the radio tower and that but it into link mode and then I paired it with my device.

My issue turned out to be that the zwave unit didn’t work and I had to buy a zigbee USNAP.
or vice versa, I can’t remember now.
not horrible since the major cost was the USNAP compatible thermostat in the first place, but still annoying.