CT100 Thermostat history only shows temperature, no state change

I used to see all changes in state and temperature for my CT100 thermostats. Now I only see temperature and that is the only thing I can filter on.

I see the same problem with both of my CT100’s after switching to the new app. Furthermore, I don’t think the humidity reading has changed since I switched to the new app.

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@RBoy can you provide a link where I can submit the request? Is it normal to have to submit a request to get a feature in the “new” app that was already supported in the original app?

Actually, I’m able to see the filters on the app but am using enhanced device handlers for all these thermostats including the CT-100 and CT-101

@RBoy - thanks for the link to the DTH installation and apps server download! Is the download free once I create an account, or is there a cost?

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